Helping Black Communities Make Informed Health Care Decisions

The Foundation for Black Communities (FFBC) recognizes that the deep mistrust of healthcare systems and government intentions related to a history of anti-Black racism have been key obstacles to addressing distrust of COVID-19 vaccines among Black communities.

In 2021, FFBC partnered with the Government of Canada, the Edmonton Community Foundation, the Calgary Foundation, and the Vancouver Foundation to roll-out community-based vaccine literacy efforts that addressed vaccine hesitancy among Black communities in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

With the grants, community partners hosted in-person and online events featuring health specialists and subject matter experts to better support Black community members to make informed decisions around the COVID-19 vaccines.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Literacy Campaign offered financial support in the form of $10,000 grants to over 15 Black-led, Black-serving and Black-focused organizations in Alberta and British Columbia to:

Share Information

FFBC is here to share information and organize dialogue sessions for local residents on topics related to COVID-19 vaccines, public health measures, and disinformation.

Support Black Communities

We want to support the generation and dissemination of culturally appropriate digital content on COVID-19 vaccines, public health measures, and disinformation.


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The FFBC exists to ensure that every Black community in Canada can thrive and have agency in defining their own future.

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